Country Canine Care provides a safe, fun environment for your dog to socialize, exercise and learn.


Daycare at Country Canine Care provides a safe, fun environment for your dog to socialize, exercise and learn.

A typical day starts off with closely supervised play indoors (in our 2000 sq. foot radiant heated and fan cooled building) or in the two yards attached to the main CCC building. We spend this time assessing the dogs energy levels, play habits and unique requirements based on age, size, or energy for example. We then head out to the 4 large, fenced fields for off leash, supervised fun, games, monitoring behaviour as well as basic manners training when needed. Groups of dogs are then taken out for our forest walk adventure, on or off leash – based on your care plan and our assessment for safety. Late in the afternoon we head back to CCC for clean up, basic wash/dry if needed, brushing, tummy rubs and cuddles. The dogs then nap for an hour and the rest of the day is spent in smaller groups based on similarities for more off leash fun until owner pick up time.

Dogs are provided with fresh water the entire day, no treats are fed unless specified in your unique Care Plan. It is expected that dogs are fed at home unless otherwise requested (again please specify in your individual Care Plan). Keep in mind, this is our agenda, please take a few minutes and fill out your dog’s Country Canine Care Plan to ensure your dog’s unique requirements are met.

Enrolling your Dog in Daycare

We truly believe that one size does not fit all, so we welcome your input. Please call to arrange an initial meet and greet prior to registering for day care. During this appointment, we will assess your dog and have you fill out the necessary forms (found here on the website for review). Please call to arrange a meet and greet appointment.

We can work with your schedule for drop off and pick up times for daycare.

“We sent our dog Cooper to stay at Country Canine Care for a week. He was so excited when we dropped him off. There was not an ounce of anxiety in our usually anxious dog. He spent the week being loved and exercised. We picked him up happy and tired from all his exercise. We would recommend Lisadawn and Rich in a heartbeat. Their love of dogs and compassion to our anxious dog was obvious to both us and to him.”

Cooper & Cristi Dawes, Nanoose Bay

“Country Canine Care is the BEST!!! My dog Mischief loves it there and gets the best care ever…. she gets picked up and dropped off from the house which makes it so much easier as I don’t need to be worrying about getting to work on time, and she comes home clean, walked, brushed and happy. She’s almost disappointed to be home! I would recommend Country Canine Care to anyone looking for a fun, caring and safe dog care service provider.”

Gayle and Mischief McLaughlin - Courtenay