Boarding your dog overnight is like a vacation for your pet!

Boarding your dog overnight is like a vacation for your pet!Dogs stay overnight in our Daycare facility. It is preferred that your dog is crate trained for Boarding, however, depending on your dog’s overnight habits they may also stay in an X pen, or on their own beds for overnight boarding. Please note, all dogs, regardless of how they overnight are kept in the Country Canine Care facility, which is an open concept building.

During the day overnight boarders join our Daycare guests – see Daycare for details – so please take the time to fill out the Care Plan for Daycare/Boarding. Again, this agenda is ours; we welcome your input so that we may accommodate your dog’s unique requirements during your absence. Our goal is to create an environment and schedule that is as close to home as possible.

Overnight guests are monitored through the night by both audio and a color visual camera. Calming, peaceful music is played at a low level from late evening through to early morning hours. Every effort is made to ensure each dog is settled and content before the lights are turned down for sleeping.

How to Book your Dog’s Stay with Us

Please call to arrange an initial meet and greet prior to registering for boarding. During this appointment, we will assess your dog and have you fill out the necessary forms (found here on the website for review). Please call to arrange a meet and greet appointment.

*Please ensure your dog is registered with Country Canine Care, see our registration for details.


A stay at Country Canine Care is always fun!

My husband and I are so happy to hear Deb is back in the Valley and offering her dog training services again! In the past we took 2 of our dogs to her, loved her style of training and had great success with our dogs and their obedience. We had our dogs go from puppy classes, to basic obedience, then to agility and on to scent tracking with Deb. She is a very knowledgeable and professional dog trainer with years of experience. We would not hesitate to recommend her. We look forward to bringing our future puppies/dogs to her.

J.M. - Courtenay

“We sent our dog Cooper to stay at Country Canine Care for a week. He was so excited when we dropped him off. There was not an ounce of anxiety in our usually anxious dog. He spent the week being loved and exercised. We picked him up happy and tired from all his exercise. We would recommend Lisadawn and Rich in a heartbeat. Their love of dogs and compassion to our anxious dog was obvious to both us and to him.”

Cooper & Cristi Dawes, Nanoose Bay

“I met Debbie just under a year ago … she pegged the age of our pup Taz at 9 weeks old … I was very impressed with her in the few minutes we chatted … we called Debbie for an assessment and have been working with her since. Her love for dogs and her work with them is without question. Taz and I attended her puppy class this summer; it was just the right size. Her professionalism and no nonsense attitude made the classes both educational and fun. We will continue to work with Debbie as our trainer and would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to train their dog properly.”

Irene and Taz Daigle - Cumberland

“Country Canine Care is the BEST!!! My dog Mischief loves it there and gets the best care ever…. she gets picked up and dropped off from the house which makes it so much easier as I don’t need to be worrying about getting to work on time, and she comes home clean, walked, brushed and happy. She’s almost disappointed to be home! I would recommend Country Canine Care to anyone looking for a fun, caring and safe dog care service provider.”

Gayle and Mischief McLaughlin - Courtenay

We were in way over our heads with our high drive, strong willed, rapidly over-powering German Shepherd puppy and by the time we reached out to Deb we had been considering re-homing as an option. The joy of our first family puppy was quickly becoming overwhelmingly stressful.

Together, working in both group and private lessons, Deb was able to effectively assess our dog, our lifestyle, and our needs. She provided us with practical, simple and effective training techniques that gave us hope. She clearly has a huge wealth of training knowledge, a deep admiration and respect for various canine breeds and an uncanny ability to ‘speak’ dog. Deb, hands down, saved our family from the heartbreak of re-homing our furry family member and we cannot recommend her enough for your dog training needs.

The McPhersons - Courtenay