Country Canine Care provides a safe, fun environment for your dog to socialize, exercise and learn.

Why Choose CCC?

Six Great Reasons to Choose Country Canine Care.

There are many great reasons to bring your dog/dogs to Country Canine Care, but here are the top five:

1. Care Plans

One size does not fit all! We are the only dog service provider in the Comox Valley area using individualized care plans to ensure that your dog’s day or stay with us is as unique as your beloved pet.

2. Personalities

Country Canine Care has an amazing team of dog handlers, in addition to the in-house coaching team: LD and assistants Kacey, Janine, Crystal. We are all dedicated to providing a safe, caring, fun environment for your dog in our full-service facility.

3. We are an AnimalKind certified facility

The BC SPCA gets hundreds of calls each year from pet owners looking for help finding a good trainer so they created the AnimalKind certification giving pet owners peace of mind, knowing they’re choosing a trainer who is certified. To be certified, BC SPCA will specifically audits prospective applicants to confirm they are following science-based, animal-friendly standards. See our certification.

4. Quality vs. Quantity

We believe in small groups of dogs in order to provide safe, individualized care, whether it’s our small classes of 6 dogs or less, or our small daycare groups of 10 or less or our overnight guests of 5 or less.

5. Location

We are in the country! We have eight and a half acres of peaceful serenity. Your dog has room to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh country air whether they are playing down at the pond, running in the fields or walking in the forest. (Safely supervised, of course)

6. Facility

We have a brand new 2000 sq. ft. building with in floor heating and overhead fans to keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Several large outdoor runs are available for a variety of canine activities.

There are many more reasons CCC is the place for you and your furry friends. Contact us today to learn the CCC difference.